Creativity Kits For Christmas Presents!

      Ceramic Café Creativity Kits contain all the essential tools required for you to create your personalized ceramic items. Once you have purchased a Creativity Kit you will be fully equipped to be a ceramic artist!

      Ceramic Café will deliver your Creativity Kit and ceramic bisque you have selected to your door. Once you have completed creating your ceramic art, Ceramic Café will then come and fetch your finished ceramic artwork and glaze fire it for you in our kilns. Producing your very own personalized, oven, microwave, and dishwasher friendly, ceramic item.

      The Creativity Kits come standard with 5 different colour underglaze paints: Prime colours(Red, Yellow, and Blue.), Black and White. You can purchase additional underglaze paint from our variety of colours, which will be added to your kit.

      We are incredibly happy to see our Creativity Kits fly off our shelves. Get yours while we still have stock!

      Continue the creative vibe over the festive season!